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Smart Plant kit for the Raspberry

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This is the german version.

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Hello and welcome to the smart plant

Hello and welcome to the smart plant kit In this kit you will find everything necessary to measure your plants data with a Raspberry Pi. The goal is that you: a) Maintain a smart plant which will not suffer from...

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Reading the DHT11 with raspberry pi and python

DHT11 - Measuring humidity and temperature Let us get started. The first step is to upgrade your Raspberry Pi and install a library for the sensor. Because not everyone uses the Raspberry Pi to measure temperature, the l...

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Reading analog values with the mcp3008 and the raspberry pi

MCP3008 - Measuring analog values with the Raspberry Pi xx The Raspberry Pi is nearly an almighty computer and by utilizing the gpio pins we are easily able to access our environment to complete tasks such as measuring data.

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The photoresistor and the raspberry pi

The photoresistor and the Pi At this point you are knowledgeable of how to properly connect the MCP3008 to the Raspberry Pi. We can utilize this same c...

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The soile moisture sensors

Measuring soil moisture Every proud owner of a plant faces this one simple, but exhausting, problem. When does a plant need water? Both too much and not enough water can be quite deadly. This is a major problem for every plant w...

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The smart plant

The Smart Plant For the next step we recommend that you have already read and built the examples for the MCP3008, the DHT11, the photoresistors and the soil moisture sensor. You will need the knowledge of eac...

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More projects smart plant

More project ideas With this, we bring our main project did to an end. You have now built a truly smart plant which can signal us when it is thirsty. As you can imagi...

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