Who are we and how to use the book

Who are we and how to use the book Titelbild

Hello and Welcome!

Once upon in time. In the year of the horse, round about sidereal time 308449.006. Who doesn’t remember? World champions made history, humans shot their toy on a moving comet, and as if this wasn’t enough excitement in this short time of 31 556 926 seconds, we had to admit that the world around us was changing. The digitalization of the world has begun. Once we sent our knowledge and friends into the internet in order to actively manage everything, we subsequently taught the internet to learn and grow on its own. Soon fridges will know what we want to eat and when.They will tell us, whether we are living healthy or not. In addition to this, the refrigerator will even be able to contact the vacuum cleaner; communicating with each other deciding the best time to remove the leftover crumbs from breakfast. The light will turn on when we enter the room, and the windows will close when we leave the house. So it will be, and it has already begun.

Sounds great! If we think about the time and effort wasted with turning the light on and off. You may be wondering: But how is this all able to work? Who writes the rules? And can I do this, too? It’s our assignment to answer your question. Because one of these days in the year of the horse, round about sidereal time 308449.006 we thought: Hey, maybe someone should explain all the programming stuff.

With this idea, we got to work and developed the Jugend Programmiert Starter Kit. Nearly 2 years later, more than 5.000 kits are sold. Along with this there are many extension kits available too which you may find at the end of the book!

A word and blow. The result is this beginner kit for programming trainees, in the 2.1 version of course. Needless to say, all of this is still absolutely low calorie and gluten free, so that you can learn everything important and essential for your first steps into the art of programming. Being that there is nothing really more to say, we would suggest you just jump right in!

How to use this book?

Everything, absolutely everything, needs an instruction. A new IKEA table needs an instruction as much as an instruction on programming needs an instruction. An instruction on an instruction, so to say. But, don’t worry. It’s very simple to assemble this book. You just need the 16-sided turning clockwise special wrench and the appropriate 42-sided turning anticlockwise industrial standard screws. Oh no, wait! That’s the instruction for my new in-house T Rex.

But seriously, between you and me, this book is structured in chronological order. Because of this, the best thing you can do is start at the beginning and read chapter by chapter, completing one task at a time.

When you find yourself stuck, or when you have a question, there is no need to worry. In that situation, you can either contact our IT center behind the moon or you can take a look at the link you find at the bottom of the page where the page number is normally located. The link leads to the online edition of the book and the number behind the “/” stands for the page number you’re currently on. If you type everything correctly into your browser, you will be directly guided to our blog. Scrolling down the page, you’ll find a field where you can ask your question. We will answer your question as soon as possible. Furthermore, visiting the links, you can come across more cool projects as well as explanations and videos regarding the individual pages.

And always remember: When you are stuck at some point, just enter the link at the bottom of the page to your browser! Sadly, we don’t live in the wizarding world and we don’t attend school with Harry Potter, so we can’t add moving pictures or firework to this book. You have to go online for this. But of course there are advantages using a book made out of wood. Don’t worry about writing and scribbling into this book. Write down helpful notes. It may help you down the road if you’re insecure about something after a chapter and need to turn back because you want to refresh your know-how.

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