More RFID Projects and Ideas

More RFID Projects and Ideas Titelbild

More RFID Projects and Ideas

Though we have finished all prepared projects for this kit, the experiments and possibilities are nearly endless. We have provided additional projects for you to experiment with below:

Twitter Bot

Twitter is service which allows you to send messages with not more than 140 characters into the world. With your newfound knowledge, try to build your own twitter bot that sends pre-written messages with your current mode or weather into the world with just a touch of an RFID tag.

Access control

An access control protocol can make your life so much easier because you can easily control who comes into your room/house and when. Many large companies use such access control systems to keep track of who can access which areas and log the data. You could also add a display to show more information.


Just imagine a world where you don’t need any cd or record but still have a physical object for playing your favorite music. With an RFID tag (maybe even a small sticker) you can easily make this happen and go back to old times. And it probably would be quite (fun?) to build it.

You can find more information and hardware for your RFID project needs on

Bye Bye

We hope you not only enjoyed our kit, but also had fun learning and building the projects with our units! You can find many many more cool projects on If you have any questions or additional input for our projects we welcome you to contact us through the website! And as always,

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