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Smart Plant kit for the Raspberry | 19.95€

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With this, we bring our main project did to an end. You have now built a truly smart plant which can signal us when it is thirsty. As you can imagine, there are many more projects possible. The led is definitely cool but you can also look beyond it and can display so much more information than on and off. With that said, here we have some additional project ideas for your smart plant:


Wouldn’t it be cool to receive an email if you taken too long to water your plants? Lucky for us that this is quite easy with python and we have created a project online which shows you how:

Twitter Bot

With twitter you can send message with a maximal length of 140 characters into the world. We have already built a twitter bot for our ficus plant. It is written in German, but you can look at the example here: With a cronjob and a python library you can easily send all the information of your ficus into the world.

Good bye!

We hope you enjoyed this project and now have a happier plant. If you are looking for other projects like this, we would really recommend you try the “RFID for Beginners at the Raspberry Pi” Kit. In this kit you will learn all the basics to build your first RFID projects. By accomplishing all of the projects in this kit, you have already gained the knowledge you need to get started.

If you don’t feel 99% sure of working with python and the Raspberry Pi we recommend you look into the “Coding World Starterkit for the Raspberry Pi” kit. In this kit we will explain all of the basics including working with the Pi and the terminal, getting started with python, and everything you need to know about the gpio pins and electronics.

Thank you for giving our kit a try, and as always, Happy Coding!

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