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All of the circuits, programs, and electronic components were tested by us. Nethertheless Alle Schaltungen, Programme und Bauteile wurden vorher von uns geprüft. Nevertheless, unfortunately, we can’t rule out the possibility of defects or mistakes in the electronic components, circuits, or programs. If you have questions or you are experiencing difficulties please contact us. You may send us an email at: support@codingworld.io and you can always find more information at the website links on the bottom of every page.


LEDs should not be viewed directly from a short distance. A direct view can lead to damage of the eye. This can be dangerous, even if the injuries are not immediately noticed. The LEDs may only be used as described in the instructions. Higher currents or voltages must be avoided.

This product complies with European directives and has a CE sign. The correct use is explained in the enclosed book.


Always build the circuits as described and be sure to always check the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi.


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